What determines good and bad years in the Chinese zodiac?


Hiya Your Chinese Astrology Years,
Last time I was here, I was asking about compatible and incompatible years. For example, I am a Goat, and supposedly, my best years would be the Rabbit and Pig years.

My Chinese animal is somewhat compatible with the Rooster, but I noticed the element of this year (Fire) is incompatible with mine (Water).

It continues with the Earth element after that until the Metal Rat year in 2020, and continues with my opposition animal, the Ox in 2021.

Is basing good luck in years that are compatible with your animal is too generalized? Does it depend more on the animal or the element? Or does either have an stronger influence on how the year works out?

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Hi Abi Sert,

Whether the years are compatible with your animal plays the most important role in deciding if the year is good or bad to you. The element also plays some roles. For example: 2018 is year of the Earth Dog, to you who is water goat, the Dog and Goat punish each other. So, it's not a good year. In addition, Earth soaks up Water and blocks its flow which makes the year much worse to you. 2017 is year of fire rooster. Rooster can be compatible with the Goat although they are not most compatible. That means you fortune is okay in 2017. However, the water and fire are not compatible, so some things may not go smoothly during the year because of this.

The year's compatibility should be considered mainly.
Best years for Sheep: Year of the Pig and Year of the Rabbit
Worst year for Sheep: Year of the Ox

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