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Female 15.11.1991
Male 26.8.1994

I see that dog and sheep zodiac sign aren't perfect match..but if we're serious with our relationship and wanna bring it to higher level which is get married.. can we live a happy life with each other then?

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Hello Xiaosha,

In Chinese Zodiac, Dog and Sheep punish each other. As a cure, horse is preferred to solve the problem because horse and dog are in one of the four compatible groups while horse and sheep are in one of the six compatible groups; rabbit can also solve the problem since rabbit and dog are one of the six compatible groups while rabbit and sheep are one of the four compatible groups.

So, you can plan to have a baby born in the Horse or Rabbit year or place Horse or Rabbit sign toy or wear charm of the sign to help your relationship better.
okayy i get it now..So i must born a bby on rabbit year they..:) thanks for ur reply Alice Li..
and may i ask what can u do to improve our relationship? since that we always misunderstand each other and always have a different thought..
One of you need to learn to compromise when have different thoughts. If both of you are too pushy and insist on your own opinions, it's hard to live peacefully.

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