I just wanna ask if a have change to win to lottery this year?


My birthday is June 5 1986, and my baby turning 1 this coming February 7 2017. I almost go to lottery every day to bet.. Honestly speaking I just want to have a birthday party of baby.. And also to have change to change our lifestyle..because last year I encounter so many unlucky like to our health my children almost monthly have sick, me and my husband suffer also issue to our marriage. Only I want for my family to have good health, good relationship with my husband and other people.. And also I don't want to financial problem.. I hope you can give a advice also guidance.. Thank you.

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Hi Julie,

Don't worry about these too much. As your sign Tiger clashed Tai Sui the Grand Jupiter in 2016, you luck is not so good. In 2017, your fortune in these aspects will turn to be better as you will not conflict with Tai Sui this year.

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