Is it good to have snake monkey pig and tiger?


Im snake wife with monkey husband and pig baby boy. Should we try for tiger baby? I hear that 4 of those animals form a cross on the zodiac wheel and will bring fortune, harmony and good luck. Is this true?

Someone else told me differently. They said if i have a baby tiger, my husband and i will divorce.

Which of the above is true?

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(I am not professional) but in my opinion there will be very likely misunderstanding between your husband and tiger child. But I don't think it going to end with divorce. On the other side your boy and baby tiger could have really nice relationship. So it's all up to you. Wish you luck.
Tiger and Snake harm each other, Monkey and Pig harm each other
Tiger and Monkey conflict with each other, Snake and Pig conflict with each other
Tiger, Snake and Monkey punish each other
Tiger and Pig are compatible with each other.

It's not good to have a Tiger baby. You three punish each other in Chinese astrology.

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