I just want to ask, in seven years of working here in dubai. im still doing and working in the same field even though how hard i aim and find for a better one, can you please tell me or teach me, what things i have to change or do i have to throw some bad luck that i am carrying with me everyday? I need to know if my life and my job will change in 2016 or still be the same as it is? I was born on september 30, 1983

Another thing is, my wife is planning to go to USA and she is having an interview. Is she going to passed the interview and get what she's been dreaming of? She was born on April 30, 1977

Thank you

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Hi Mardec,

I think there is something wrong with your personal relationship. May I ask your character? Are you introverted? Also, you may need to enrich yourself and learn more knowledge about the field you work instead of only working hard. The people with the Pig sign will encounter Taisui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune. It's said you may turn to be very bad or turn to be very good in all aspects. It's decided by yourself I think. If you try your effort, your fortune will turn to be better.

So long as your wife has made a good preparation, she could pass the interview.

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