How are auspicious days determined


Hi, I am very curious as to how auspicious days are calculated. What determines whether a day is auspicious or not, is it to do with the sun, moon and stars? I am referring specifically only to chinese calendar.

Very curious.. Hope you can help.

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Hi Valerie,

You ask a very difficult question. It's hard to explain. There are two ways to calculate mainly. One is based on Twelve Zhi (Twleve stars take turns on duty): Jian 建, Chu 除、Man 满、Ping 平、Ding 定、Zhi 执、Po 破、Wei 危、Cheng 成、Shou 收、Kai 开、Bi 闭. Six of them are auspicious and the other six are inauspicious. When the auspicious star is on duty, it's fit to do imporant occasions.

Another way is based on 12 earthly branches and 12 heavely Gods. The day which Qinglong青龙 (Zi/Rat Day), Tiande天德 (Si/Snake Day), Yutang 玉堂 (Wei/Sheep Day), Siming司命 (Xu/Dog Day), Mingtang明堂 (Chou/Ox Day), Jinbian 金匮 (Chen/Dragon Day) is on duty are auspicious. Baihu 白虎 (Wu/Horse Day), Tianixing 天刑 (Yin/Tiger Day), Zhuque朱雀 (Mao/Rabbit Day), Tianlao 天牢 (Shen/Monkey Day), Xuanwu 玄武 (You/Rooster Day), Gouchen 勾陈 (Hai/Pig Day) are inauspicious.

Sorry, I couldn't explan this very clear.

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