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Hi, I would like to know what what my horoscope for the year I was born, 1999 (year of the rabbit), will look like for 2017? I only found a general horoscope for the year of the rabbit (2017). And personal horoscope predictions for those born in different years of the rabbit (for 2017), but 1999 was not included, as well as some other years as well.

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In Chinse Zodiac, every six animals conflict each other. Rabbit and Rooster just confilict with each other. 2017 will be year of the Rooster, you Rabbit born in 1999 will oppose Taisui who is the Grand Commander of the Year. So, your fortune is not favorable during the year. You'd better go out more and seek more change initiativly to eliminate the bad effect.

If you have been worked, you may work more and earn less which make you depressed. IF you have chances to go abroad for work, that's much better. As there is Wenchang Star for you in 2017 which could bring good luck in study, you could achieve great success in study.

In terms of love, if you are single, you have chances to start a relationship in the year. You may meet the one who is come from abroad or meet the right one during the trip. If you have plan to get married, 2017 is good to do it. This happy event could improve your fortune. If you are in love, you may have many disputes with your lover which require you control your mood well and learn to be more patient.

Health is what you should pay much attention to in 2017. You may fell uncomfortable in some part of your body. Also, your knee, hands, feet, joints may easily get hurt. So, be more careful when doing sports.

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