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My heart line is not good.. There is some cross and changes. If there any problem in my life?

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Hi Saloni,

The crosses on the heart line mean your career, study and life are usually tied down by your love. Your love partner may have a tendency to die because of you. But don't worry this so much. The palm lines of persons change with time and they are not fixed during the life. As long as you have a positive attitude towards life, it will turn to be a better one.
What if there is no heart line to see on my palm
Hi Ayad,

It doesn't mean you don't have heart line. The situation may your heart line and head line have a complete overlap. This is called a broken palm. If you belong to this kind of palm, it shows an extremely stubborn character. It’s usually a good sign for the male and bad one for the female. Most of the male having such a palm could get great success in career under their effort. However, the female would harm the relatives around or have a bad affect to her husband.

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