marriage line goes down, crosses heart line and a little underneath headline



The marriage line is first straight for maybe half the thickness of the pinky finger.
Then it curves down almost straight and reaches heart line and goes down a little under the heart line.
The curve is convex near the marriage line, then becomes concave near the heart line

In the zone between heart line and head line (the head line plunges toward the moon mount), there is a another line. That slanted line starts just next to the end of that marriage line, like two roads next to each other.
This line starts at heart line and reaches head line, crosses it for a bit and goes a little beyond the head line.

The marriage line and that line just described look like a slope going down the mountain (marriage line to heart line and heart line to head line): none of them are straight.

Are the two lines related for the meaning?
What does the marriage line mean with this shape?

Thank you !

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Your marriage line shows you may have marriage crises because your are not compatible with your partner. You have different personalities and usually have disputes after marriage. So, a separation or divorce may be happened to you in life.

The slanted line starting just next to the end of that marriage line shows you may retire early when you are old.

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