What does earthquake in a dream mean


Please help. I had a dream that an earthquake happened and all the buildings around me collapsed. What does it mean? I've had this kind of dream two times this month. What will happen to me?

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In general, have earthquake in a dream is an auspicious prediction.

But if you see buildings collapsed after the earthquake, that's not good. It predicts that you may have quarrels with your family members.
For those unmarried, it predicts that there may variations to your love relationship.
For the married, it means that in reality you feel worried about something undertaking great changes. You are not sure what to happen for the change.
For the job seekers, it predicts you will have a good luck to find a nice job. It also reminds you that don’t reach for what is beyond your grasp or you will miss the chance.
For the businessmen, it hints that your finical fortune will increase. Also, it reminds you that you should spend money on vital things.
For students, this kind of dream hints that you should change your original study method to strive for further improvement.

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