good day to start my home renovation


I am born in the year of Rooster (1957 -fire element) and would like to know if 7 June 2015 is a good day to start my home renovation.

The astrology guide states "Avoid: Zodiac [Monkey] Direction [North] ". My main door faces north. Does this mean a "no!no!no! for me? Appreciate your advice.

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June 7th is an auspicious day for house renovation. You can start your home renovation on that day.

Avoid with Direction [North] means that you shouldn't go towards north to do something on that day. It doesn't matter if your door faces north.
i am born in the year of pig and my son is ox . when can i renovate my house. please advice.
thank you.

date of birth 1959 earth pig
date of birth 1986 wood ox
Hi jennifer,

You could find auspicious house renovation dates in month of 2016 and 2017 from the following page:

Please avoid the date that clashes with your zodiac sign.

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