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Which are the best dates in Jul-Aug 2016 for wedding?

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Hello xorion,

Following are auspicious wedding dates in July and August of 2016:

July: 1st (Clash Tiger), 2nd (Clash Rabbit), 6th (Clash Sheep), 7th (Clash Monkey), 8th (Clash Rooster), 10th (Clash Pig), 12th (Clash Ox), 14th (Clash Rabbit), 15th (Clash Dragon), 19th (Clash Monkey), 20th (Clash Rooster), 21st (Clash Dog), 22nd (Clash Pig), 31st (Clash Monkey)

August: 3rd (Clash Pig), 6th (Clash Tiger), 10th (Clash Horse), 13th (Clash Rooster), 15th (Clash Pig), 16th (Clash Rat), 18th (Clash Tiger), 20th (Clash Dragon), 22nd (Clash Horse), 26th (Clash Dog), 27th (Clash Pig), 28th (Clash Rat), 29th (Clash Ox), 30th (Clash Tiger)

If the day clashes with your sign, don't choose it.

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