cures for toilet /bathroom above entrance door


is it bad feng shui to have a toilet/bathroom above the entrance door( double-storey house ) ? If so, please suggest cures for the house.Tqvm.

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Hi lucy teh,

It's bad Feng Shui to have a toilet/bathroom above the entrance door. Main door is one of the important place to attract good Qi, if there is toilet above it, your luck will be affectd. You'd better use goood waterproof materials to decorate it and place two green plants in the bathroom to decrease the bad effect of it.
You can also hang Bagua Mirror in front of the foor or hang a calabash as a cure.
Dear Kendy,
Tq for your quick response. Where to hang the Bagua Mirror /calabash ? In front of the entrance door or

toilet/bathroom door? Tqvm.
Better hang it on the head of the door frame. The door is the entrance door.

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