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Hi there,

I reside in Ontario and am moving to a condo. I am hoping someone can give advice for use.

1. I am wondering what group my wife and I are in in terms of best directions to sleep in bed (my plan is usually to sleep with head facing west or east, but not north or south)
2. and also the best direction for our condo to face.
3. Our unit is not square so there seems to be some weak/missing sections.
4. Is there a problem with the entrance being across from windows and
5. is there any issue of the washroom in relation to the bed?

(I am attaching the condo plan where north is up in the drawing, so I plan on sleeping in the bed on the bottom right)

Are there any issues here and any cures we can use for this?

My mother had a master check our house when I was young and I believe she said my direction is west or east, not north or south.

Wife's date of birth : 16th December 1989
My date of birth : 13th March 1985 I think I was birth in the afternoon around 4pm...

Your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Oh, my wife's kua is 4
and my kua is 6

But I am unable to post the image of the floorplan...
The door of the apartment faces north, north west. not completely north, so the desired bed faces east, east north. The washroom door is just north (to the right if waking up and turning right) of the bed.
The door of the apartment faces north, north west (if looking outside of the apartment)
Your best directions include: Northwest, West, Northeast, Southwest and Northwest

As your house is not in a square shape, it's not a good Feng Shui. The cure is to customize the furniture to make the room look like a square shape. Make the indoor space look as square as possible. If the irregular house is large, you can consider dividing it into two spaces to keep the main space square.

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