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I've had a few different water dreams of late. One was of a tiered city that flooded from the top down. I was able to climb high watching the death and destruction around me. Sometimes the water will fills up in one tier leaving the others untouched. I was always trying to help save others and always ended up above the water watching the aftermath.
Another was based around a viaduct harbour. The waters were calm but I couldn't get to my destination, I didn't have enough money and then when I did I missed my ship. Others on boats offered to help but I felt bad and couldn't accept their generosity.
From reading dream interpretations I find it hard to work it out.
The waters are never cold or hot. I never get wet. They are always blue or very light in colour.
Any ideas?

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The first one means you may suffer some loses if your own a business. If you work for a company, it shows your thirsty to take a task in work or you think your ability is not recognized by the superiors.

The second dream is caused by the great tension in your inner heart. It symbolizes difficulty and crisis in waking life.

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