Dog keeps biting my hand then turns into a human


So I had a dream that I was living in a new house with my girlfriend who I live with right now we have been together for a year and a half . I had a Doberman with the chain collar in my front yard I went to confront the dog to see if it had tags and it kept biting my hand and latched onto it at one point . I told my girlfriend to go grab my gun and for some reason she didn't . So I walked to my truck with the dog attached to my hand . Grabbed my gun and when I looked back it was still a dog. Then all of a sudden when I turned back around to load the gun it became a human with a bald head and tattoos on his neck . And without thought shot him in the head. He stayed alive then he said something and pulled out a gun . Then my dream ended . Is there a meaning behind this ? I would never shoot a person without reason . And by reason I mean if they were endangering my family . But why did he turn into a human ?

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This dream indicates you have a big pressure in love and life. It's a reflection of your mental stress. There may be something make you hard to deal with recently and you want to solve it. But you should use the righ way to solve or things will become worse.

In love, you should leave away from other opposit sex or it may make your girlfriend misunderstand you.
Lily thank you for replying . But I'm having a hard time understanding what your reply means . It's kind of chopped up I'm having a hard time comprehending it . Can you please reword your reply ?

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