confused to locate auspicious direction


my kua number is 7 and saying my best direction is west and than i found here about the sleeping direction described like this :

1> According to Feng Shui Masters, each lucky direction could bring you luck in a definite aspect. E.g. By sleeping with your head pointed to your lucky health direction, you will be blessed with a good physical condition.

2>Your sleep by facing or the front door faces the following unlucky directions, you may suffer illness, death, robbery, loss of money or reputation and many unexpected problems. So, if you find your life is not smooth at all, check if you have slept in the wrong direction for a long time or work by facing a bad direction.

Now I am confused if i pointed my head towards west than obviously it will be east facing while sleeping.I found it very confusing about my sleeping position from my kua number. could someone pls tell me as a kua number 7 when i'll sleep where my bed cupboard will be placed and while sitting where my chair will be placed and from those position what i am facing exactly for best result. Thanks

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Your bed cupboard should be placed at the east direction of the house then you will face west while sleep.

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