My husband (Tiger) kua # is 8 and mine (Horse) is 2. According to feng shui kua # 8 best direction is Northeast but auspicious directions based on his Chinese Zodiac sign which is Tiger he should avoid Northeast. I'm confused because it's say best direction is NE but avoid NE according to his zodiac. Same with mine, kua #2 worst direction is North but Chinese Zodiac sign says good to face "North, West, East". It's seem to contradict one another. Our house front door faces North and we're looking to remodel so I just want to make sure if we should keep the front door facing North or change to NorthEast or East. Please advise as the remodel will cost a lot of money. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Chean Tiu,

You should check the auspicious direction based on the one who earn the most in your family. If your husband earns more than you, you should use his lucky direction.
Thank you for your response. My husband is Tiger and kua # 8 earns more. I looked at this page and it says for Tiger avoid facing NE. But when I looked at this page it says Kua #8 best direction is NE. I'm very confused because one site says to avoid NE and other says best direction is NE. So which one is correct? Please advise. Thank you very much!!
Kua #8 is not used to decide lucy direction for door. You should check front door direction. West is the best direction to you.

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