How to use feng shui for getting pregnant?


what are things can i use for feng shui get pregnant

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Hi kimkim,

Here are some tips for using Feng Shui to get pregnant.
1. Make sure your bedroom is bright, clean and airy. Damp and dark room will prevent you from getting pregnant.
2. The color green is known to increase fertility. So you should sleep on green sheets.
3. No mirror, fishbowl, glass wares, TV, Computer, exercise equipment, metal items in your bedroom. These will affect you to get pregnant.
4. Let some children jump happily on your bed and jump around your and your love.
5. Put some peanuts on your beds.
6. The most important thing is to have a good mental attitude and don't give youself too much pressure.
can i put one bowl of rice under my bed or put pomegrranetes near my pillows
Hi kim,

I also heard the two ways you mentioned. Pomegranate is a symbol of fertility. It's will be good for you to put it in your bedroom. A full bowl of uncooked rice will be also helpful. In China, people who wish to get pregnant usually hang a picture with two babies. If you wish boy, you should choose to a hang two baby boys picture.
I have places uncooked rice under my bed. However, I have s miscarriage. Do I need to change the rice to get pregnant again?
Hi Eileencel,

I'm sorry to hear this. Putting a full bowl of uncooked rice would be helpful for getting pregnant in Feng Shui. Yes, I think you need to change it to get pregnant again. Hope this works well again.

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