Being late because of many obstacles


My dream started with me forgetting my lesson times and realizing I've missed my opportunity to get a lift, then unable to get help from my sister for a lift. Then when finally able to leave the house i was stopped by my father who was busy talking to someone else (don't know this person)... my uncle decided to give me a lift but was delayed by people walking past our driveway (my previous classmate from school which i havent seen for a while walking by with her children) then my uncle got the wrong direction and even took me to somewhere else where we sat and waited for a long long time... and I was woken up by the shock of finding out that I am another 3 hours more late and there's only 1 hour left of school. (For the whole dream, I've been keeping an eye on the time)

I have read the other 'late dream' interpretations but because there's soo many obstacles in this dream, I wonder if there's any other meaning?

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Hi Safia Secret,

As you are still in school, this dream indicates you will be stuck in the some questions of the test paper. And the result of the exam will not be so good in waking life.

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