Auspicious days for planned surgery


Is there a way to tell auspicious days to have medical surgery?

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Hi, traditional Chinese almanac calendar has auspicious dates for Treatment/Surgery. Not sure which month do you plan to have surgery, I list best dates for the rest months in 2015 here for you to check:

September 24th Clash: Zodiac [Rooster]
October 23rd Clash: Zodiac [Tiger]
November 4th Clash: Zodiac [Tiger]
November 6th Clash: Zodiac [Dragon]
November 13th Clash: Zodiac [Pig]
November 20th Clash: Zodiac [Horse]
November 25th Clash: Zodiac [Pig]

As I don't know your date of birth, so I couldn't get your Chinese zodiac sign. If you belong one the above animal signs, you should avoid the corresponding date as I listed above.

Wish you a good health!

Many thanks for your helpful reply. I am metal rat 11-3-60, surgery is Oct. 12. Might a surgery correspond with other auspicious activity days (example: signing contracts or getting haircuts etc).?
Hi Judy,

Oct. 12 is ok to you. The day only clashes the Rabbit. And it doesn't show the day is inauspicious for surgery.

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