Auspicious date for moving new house


I'm a rat and my wife is a monkey. Me and my wife sometime would keep quarreling and I'm kind of phobia or the date of moving.

She had reminded me coz we move in to our present house at night without consulting feng shui may result a lot of strife. The house we live in almost 3 to 4 years and it gave us lot of problem

So this time we intend to move out to new house next year 2021.

We decided is either January 2021 or February 2021. She told me 28 February 2021 might be good date.

Due to our heavy work schedule, we intend to move some of the things form the current house to new house in 2 separate relocation process.

I like to ask if you can provide the auspicious date for moving new house for January 2021 and February 2021 (other than 28 Feb 2021)

For your information, the main house gate, leading to the entrance of the new house, is facing "north east" right into the house

Is time also a auspicious factor or be considered?

Please advise according

Thanks and full of appreciation

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Jan.05, Jan.08, Jan.14, Jan.17, Jan.26, Feb.12, Feb.14, Feb.16, Feb.20 and Feb.28 are auspious dates for you to move to the new house.

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