Are wood rabbit and fire dragon able to have a long term future? eg- marriage


Wood rabbit born in Nov 28 at 430pm
Fire dragon born in Aug 28 at 1230pm
Why are we have so much difference?
How can we avoid the conflicts to have a better and understanding future?
Are we able to sustain our relationship till marriage ?
Are we both complimenting each other regardless in anything?

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Hi Mio,

Rabit and Dragon are not compatible with each other in Chinese Zodiac.

In Chinese astrology, Dragon and Rabbit harm each other as they are in one of the Six Harming Groups of Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese culture, it's thought that if a Dragon and a Rabbit get married, the Rabbit will harm the Dragon and making the Dragon easy to get ill. The Rabbit likes to enjoy life and doesn't have a strong attachment to family. Although the Rabbit is troubled and distressed, he/she would not like to confide to the Dragon. While, the Dragon is usually independent and determined; when having conflicts with the Rabbit, he/she would less to move back which will aggravate the contradictions. If you want to enjoy a happy marriage, both of you should make great sacrifice and avoid being bored in life.

You may choose a lucky day with Zi (子), Shen (申), Hai (亥) and Wei (未) to hold the wedding; you Dragon people may choose a groomsman or bridesmaid under the sign of monkey or rat while you Rabbit people may choose a groomsman or bridesmaid under the sign of pig or sheep. Also, you can give birth to a child in the year of rat or pig. From the perspective of Feng Shui, you may choose a house with the main bedroom in northwest or north. Besides, you may place or wear a rat or pig ornament: rat for dragon while pig for rabbit.

Good luck

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