Are Monkey men faithful and loyal in relationships or do they tend to to stray?


Please no generic answer, I want you opinion! Thank you.

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Hi Anna,

The personality of a person is decided by many factors such as his birth day, birth year, birth time, blood type, growing environment, education, hereditary factors etc. If you just ask if monkey men are faithful and loyal in relationships, it's really hard to give you a definite answer.

In my life, there are two men born in the Monkey year, one is my father born in 1956 and one is my husband born in 1980. To my experience, my husband is very faithful and loyal and my father is just opposit. I think, if you want to see if the monkey man is faithful in relationships, you can see what his mother and father looks like. If his parents lavish much care on him in his family, he has much possiblity to be a irresponsible person and tend to stray.

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