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When will i meet future husband? will he love me (is it love marriage)? his nationality, character, look, occupation? where will i meet him? letters of his name? thank you
my name is lakshmi koulini
DOB 21 october 1995
TOB 03:45 am
visakhapatnam india

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Hi koulini,

You may have an arranged marriage and you may meet him or get married him in 2018, 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2027.

You can know his characters and looks by reading your face:

Could you put your two palms together and let me know if the heart line in the left palm or in the right palm higher?
the two palms heart lines are in same line. My boy friend who was born on 19/05/1994 don't know the time do we get marry or not if when will?
Hi koulini,

Two palm heart lines are in the same position means you are likely to fall in love with a friend around. He is nearly of the same age of you. It's hard to predict if your boyfriend will be your future husband without knowing his exact birth time and birth place.

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