Dreamt of swimming in a sea which is on fire.


I dreamt yesterday night that I have to swim thru a sea which is on fire, I have to jump in to save my life, initially I am scared of getting burnt, but then I realise that I could swim thru without scalding myself.I could see a man and a infant boy and may be a lady too but cannot remember the faces.I want to understand the meaning of this dream also note I don't know swimming and am usually frightened of deep sea, but in my dream I swim through to the other side.

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Hi Aparna,

To see the sea which is on fire in dream is not auspicious. It indicates an imminent catastrophe or disaster happening in front of you in waking life.

Luckily, you swim in the sea and swim through to the other side. It indicates, you are healthy and energetic to face all the challenges in work and life. So, the difficulties could be overcome.

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