1991 & 1992 is our love working?


I was born in 28 Oct 1991 and his was 04 Sep 1992.
Will our relationship be nice and have a happy ending?
Thank you for your answer in advance.

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Hi Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung,

You are Metal Sheep and he is Water Monkey. ‘Off of Metal runs the Water’, So you could be a great promotor or helper to him if you stay together. Also, you are the one who pay more efforts in your relationship.

In nature, it's hard for you to communicate and live harmoniously by considering your zodiac signs, since you are not able to accept each other's living habits, ideas and concepts. In your marriage, he appears too selfish, and cares little about you who is very dependent. You are not so calculating as him, but you can easily become resentful due to endless sacrifice. If he could take more care about you, you can be a good couple.

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