whether mine will be love marriage?


my name Anitha , my DOB is 15-07-1992 .my lover name is kalmesh his DOB is 15-06-1992

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I did two 8 characters star map analysis of u and your friend and I can see a lot of mutual attraction between u but also many contradictions in this relationship ... I will do another Western Astrology chart too later to confirm some of those things I see in the Chinese one now ... First your lucky directions all match 100% meaning u will have the most luck when u you travel or move together in the same general direction mostly to the South East or West also good...Avoid North ... Also avoid too much water or other liquid in your personal space ....Especially alcohol ... Your Earth day pillars also match perfectly and month both water elements ...But your day animal is dragon and his is dog which are opposite but complementary so there coo be some different of opinions on some issues altho u are born monkeys in year pillar

Monkeys are metal beings and so try to avoid being too strong and stubborn in opinions so to create yield more space for each other to live in harmony or the two metals can become like swords flying with sparks when clashing in a sword fight

Even tho your dragon day and his dog day are opposite they are of the Earth elements so it benefit your metal monkey year pillar so you may become good business partners as well as lovers maybe from a home based entreprise of some kind...???

Hope this helps ...Write me anytime here or my email direct

Amen... Namaste... Hallelujah...Keep Laffing too like me... LOL...!!!

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