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I study communication engineering. I am working hard but not getting desirable results and I am wondering if there are faults in my stars. Am I ever going to do good in studies or is it not the right subject for me? Should I go for Architecture or Graphics design because I do like to do creative stuffs but then I am worried that I'll end up being jobless. So should I stay with studying communication engineering or should I change my subject and study something else?Is there a chance for me to go abroad for higher studies? And also am I ever going to find success in the field I'll be working on. My d.o.b 22/01/1992 and time of birth is around 4am. TIA.

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Hi Sarita,

Your Chinese zodiac sign is the Sheep/Goat. As 2015 is year of the sheep, so you meet your zodiac year this year. In China, people in his zodiac year usually enjoy a bad fortune and find everything doesn't go smoothly. So, if you like the communication engineering, don't change it. The next year will be a better year for you. Just for your reference.
I've been experiencing a bad luck on studies for the past 6 years. I study hard but I still don't do very well in exams. Being a metal sheep, are the upcoming years going to be good for me as a student? Also, when will I meet my soulmate? TIA.

In China, people usually think people under the Sheep sign have an unkind fate during the life. So, when they plan to get a baby, they avoid giving birth during the Sheep year. What's your country? If you are not a Chinese, you don't need to check your fate according to Chinese astrology.
Thus you enjoy so bad luck, you are suggested to wear a charm bracelet with your sign to help drive away the evil spirit. Especially this year is your zodiac year, you should wear something to help ward away the bad luck. As you also want to meet your soulmate, you are suggested to wear a Rose Quartz one. The site sells the thing you need. You can get the bracelet link from this page:


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