1973 female ox + 1972 male rat


I am hoping to find out about family, health and wealth?

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Hi msjanet,

You are a mutually-beneficial couple that each takes what he/she wants according to one's needs. You have a tacit agreement with each other, and both are willing to share more responsibilities. The male rat is determined and capable of raising the family. While the female ox will build a warm and firm love nest for the male rat with her special loyalty, simplicity and diligence. The female ox is often distracted with worries, and the male rat may always make her calm down with his patience.

With a stable luck for wealth and a diligent attitude, the female Ox will naturally live a rich and well-off life. Due to her excellent patience and conservative money management, she will live a quite rich material life in later age; The male rat has good luck for wealth and he is very hardworking, thus seldom lack of money and suitable to invest and start a business. However, he may easily be cheated because he is too softhearted. In a joint venture with others, he will get good returns as long as he choose the right project and maintain his rights.

In terms of the health, the female ox is usually with a good physical condition and seldom get sick. She tends to have a strong appetite and good digestion and absorption function. The male rat is born to be very adaptable. He is vigorous and full of physical strength and have quite good luck for health. He also seldom get sick but can hardly get up once fall ill.

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