Worried about old friend that I am no longer in touch with


I dreamt of an old friend that I had a crush on. He initially ignored me, then came to me and said he had failed an important exam and didn't know how to pass it. I got very worried, then I thought to myself "I might be dreaming because I know that he has already passed that very important exam". In reality he has passed. Right at that time, another person in this dream, that I have never met, but I knew in the dream to be his brother told me it is because he has no money left to pay for the fee exam and so they failed him. And then again I knew that he was in need but didn't want to ask anyone for help..... this is his personality in reality too. He tries to solve all his problems by himself. Should I be worried about him?

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Hi Qwerty,

You may think him in the daytime or heard some news about him from others. So, you have a dream about him. This is very normal. As you are no longer in touch with him, you don't need to worry about him. He has his own life now.

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