Hi my ex boyfriend and I broke up a couple months ago. He is now dating one of his best friend's long time ago, ex girlfriend. His best friend and i are friends too. The best friend doesn't know yet because my ex is keeping it a secret. Should I be the one to inform the best friend first or not my business? Please advise

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Hi Mont007,

I think you should not tell your best friend about this. Sometimes, to say something you shouldn't say will bring you much trouble. Now that your ex boyfriend wants to keep it secret, you'd better not open the secret. Sooner or later, your best friend will know that. But if it's informed by you, your relationship between you and your ex boyfriend may become worse.
It's my ex boyfriend's best friend not mine. Yes, ok I'll take your advice and not tell his best friend. I feel the same way too but just needed confirmation. Thank you very much

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