Who will be more compatible?



Two gals: 29 december 1985 and 12 september 1986

Just wanna know which gal will be more suitable for me. I am 7 march 1986

Thank you

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You are fire Tiger. 29 December 1985 is Wood Ox.
You are a pair lacking synergy in terms of zodiac signs. There are many contradictions in your personalities. Stubbornness may be the only common point between you. You are very realistic, unconventional and unrestrained, filled with rebellious blood in body. Oppositely, wood Ox is a traditional well-bred girl who dreams of peace and conforms to the social conventions. Luckily your birth elements are very compatible. 'Wood makes Fire burn', so she will be a great helper to you.

The girl born on 12 September 1986 is also a fire Tiger like you.
You have many innate common points. For instance, both of you are vigorous, attractive, rebellious and indulgent. Thus, you will be unwilling to make concessions to the other on anything in your life. You should leave enough free space and time to each other. Ease and humor are the best physic to eliminate the contradictions between you. Additionally, both of you should pay attention to constraining each other in household expenses.

If you want a more compatible one, 29 December 1985 is more compatible with you.

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