I want to know ( PLEASE HELP )


My Full Name: Hussain Mohammad Faisal
My Date Of Birth: 8th October 1993 (WATER ROOSTER)

Her Name: Bonna
Her Date of Birth: 27th July 2000 (METAL DRAGON)

I know according to Chinese Astrology we both are compatible with each other even our ELEMENT also compatible. I also, know that according to western astrology we are also compatible.


My question is: According to Numerology theory are we compatible with each other? Cause, I'm number 8 and she's number 9.

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According to the Numerology theory, the combination of number 8 and 9 would emerge as somewhat difficult and harsh as they are different beings and won’t compromise easily as they see towards opposite directions and are strong followers of their own paths. Here, the 9 would carry a humanitarian approach and would see toward the whole world while the 8 is truly ambitious and concerned about material growth. It will be difficult to find a single path to walk together while if they can walk over a single path paved upon a strong understanding, they will lead towards a very strong bond.

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