Thank you so much for this web site and your help.
I'm a girl and I was born in May 3, 1987 (rabbit) and my fiance was born in 11 November 1988 (dragon). As you can see we have harm matchs. But we can handle it, we hope so. Anyway,
Which is the best or luckiest or auspicious wedding day for us in 2017 and the first quarter of the 2018? We both live in Europe. If you can say the dates for fridays and saturdays I will be really appriciate. I really want to keep weekends. If you cannot say any auspicous fridays or saturdays, other days will be ok for us too.
Is the 25th November 2017 lucky for us? And ı don't understand deeply the lunar or chinese calender convert please say the date according to the gregorian calender.

Thank you sooooo much
Best regards

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Hi Seda,

Yes, 25th November 2017 is a very lucky day for you to get married. You can choose the day. In gregorian calendar, you can also choose one of the following dates (all fall on Saturday) to get married:

23rd, 30th September, 2017
13th January, 2018
10th, 24th March, 2018
28th April, 2018
Thank you soooo much. September is very early for us. Is any different lucky friday or saturday on November 2017 or December 2017? For exp. 1th - 2nd or 8th December? Or 17th or 24th November? Beceuse We want to marry in 2017. But ı really worry about the lucky wedding day because of our harm match. Thank you again.
Hi Seda,

In November and December this year, 3rd, 25th November and 8 December, 2017 are auspicious days for you to choose.

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