Auspicious Day for Wedding


I was born in 04 October 1991 ( Sheep)
And my fiancé in 29 October 1987 (Rabbit)
What would an auspicious day in February, July abd August 2020 be for our wedding?

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Hi Venven91,

Following are auspicious wedding dates for you in February, July and August 2020:

Feb.01 Saturday
Feb.09 Sunday
Feb.10 Monday
Feb.15 Saturday
Feb.18 Tuesday
Feb.22 Saturday
Jul 01 Wednesday
Jul 03 Friday
Jul 10 Friday
Jul 13 Monday
Jul 16 Thursday
Jul 18 Saturday
Jul 22 Wednesday
Jul 23 Thursday
Jul 25 Saturday
Jul 27 Monday
Jul 28 Tuesday
Jul 30 Thursday
Aug 03 Monday
Aug 04 Tuesday
Aug 07 Friday
Aug 08 Saturday
Aug 09 Sunday
Aug 11 Tuesday
Aug 13 Thursday
Aug 16 Sunday
Aug 18 Tuesday
Aug 19 Wednesday
Aug 20 Thursday
Aug 21 Friday
Aug 25 Tuesday
Aug 28 Friday
Aug 29 Saturday
Aug 31 Monday

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