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I am having issues with bed placement. My birthday is August 4, 1981, so my Kua Number is 5. I have a rectangular room on the back south west corner of my house. on the north wall is the bathroom and a closet. In the center of the east wall is the main door to the bedroom. There are two windows on the south wall with space for a bed between them, and there are two windows on the west wall with space for a bed between them, but placing my bed there would mean my bed is in line with the door. When my bed was placed on the south wall, I became VERY ill, resulting in 2 hospitalizations, i had reproductive issues that affected my fertility and I lost my job. I also lost my job with my bed in the east and almost was hospitalized, but I was able to get through the illness with out being admitted. I want to try moving my bed to the west, but that will force me to block a window.

Please help me find an auspicious direction for my bed.

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As you said if you move your bead to the west, your bed will be in line with the door. Could you avoid them in a line? If you could, that's okay. The main problem for your bedroom is that there are too many windows in it. You need to black two and leave at most two. Or your health and fortune will be still affected.
Thank you for your response. I can put my bed on the west wall without being in line with the door but I have to block a window. From your response, I guess I need to block a window. I have a sturdy headboard and I already use wood blinds and black out curtains.

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