I have a small/medium bedroom.
the window is on the south wall. There is enough space for the bed on the southeast wall, but not enough for night tables on both sides of it.

the door faces east and opens to a hallway.

the closet takes the entire north wall.

the entire west wall is the only wall with no door closet or window.

I was born on December 25, 1948.

WHAT(?????) is the BEST placement for my bed? thank you very much.

I am thinking the southeastern corner, even though there is no room for two night tables--I was told that your bed needs matching night stands on either side to attract a good mate. If I place he bed there, what do I do to still attract a god mate? thank you once more!

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It doesn't matter if you don't place night stands on both sides of your bed. As long as you don't place it on one side, that's OK. Because one stands for single. Two means double. So, don't have them are OK.

Could you let me know your gender?

Hello Daniel,

THANKS SO MUCH for answering me--I really did not know whether anyone would not. I am female.
What do I put beside my bed to hold water, a book, things like that? that is what I use the night table about a basket on the floor or something like that. Right now my bed face east--feet are facing east, so the headboard is on the western wall--I do have trouble sleeping....

my name is Anne.

best to you.
Hi Anne,

You can put a basket besides your bed on the floor to hold book, clothes...That's no problem.

According to your birth information, you auspicious directions include: Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, West and Northeast. You should avoid Southeast, South, North, East, and Southeast. That means you should face to your auspicious directions to sleep. For health, the best direction you should face is Northwest. Feet facing east is not good for you.
THE window would be behind my bed if I was face the northwest corner ..the north call is where the closet is, and it pretty much takes up theater wall--there is the closet and maybe about 18-24" on either side of I cannot face the northwest corner without the headboard in front of the would not touch a wall at all...

the only corner with nothing but the wall is the southeast

the eastern wall--where I would be facing west has the door on one end, but the bed could fit in the middle of this wall

It sounds like the most auspicious wall would have the window behind the headboard, and that is not good. the window is on the southwest corner, and that is where I would be facing northwest, correct? thanks, Daniel
Daniel, one the thing if it is okay--I have been looking for work for a very long time. my birthdate is 12-25-1948 at 7.05 many thoughts at all on work for me? thank you
Hi Anne,

You'd better do works related to Earth, Fire or Metal.

Could you change and face southwest to sleep?

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