when your birth and element year come around?


What is the influence when one's birth year and element come around? Ie, I was born in 1957 Fire Rooster. Now it is here again...
Cindy S.

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Hi Cindy,

When you meet your birth year, it means you meet your Ben Ming Nian. According to the Chinese astrology, Ben Ming Nian is a year full of changes for you. You may find you are not lucky enough in the year because you encounter Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune in the year. Many bad things such as illness, financial loss, extramarital affair etc. may happen to you.

However, not every one in his Ben Ming Nian find the year is bad. Some people may have very good fortune instead of bad luck.

In order to spend the year smoothly, you'd better keep a normal mood, don't require too much and speak less and do more. Wear red could help to drive away those bad lucks and evil spirits. However, you'd better avoid wearing red because your element is fire and 2017 also the fire element. Red belong to fire. Too much fire will make things get worse.

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