What's the best date to start open a small business


Good morning,

Sir/Madam I would like to ask if what's the best date to open a small business. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks

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In 2017,following are the best dates to start opening a small business. Clash XX, means the people under the zodiac sign should avoid opening business on the day. If you don't know you Chinese zodiac sign, you can check on https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/zodiac/.

April: 7th (Clash Horse), 9th (Clash Monkey), 13th (Clash Rat), 21st (Clash Monkey), 27th (Clash Tiger)
May: 1st (Clash Horse), 3rd (Clash Monkey), 9th (Clash Tiger), 10th (Clash Rabbit), 14th (Clash Sheep), 16th (Clash Rooster), 26th (Clash Sheep), 31st (Clash Rat)
June: 3rd (Clash Rabbit), 8th (Clash Monkey), 14th (Clash Tiger), 20th (Clash Monkey), 26th (Clash Tiger)
July: 2nd (Clash Monkey), 9th (Clash Rabbit), 11th (Clash Snake), 14th (Clash Monkey), 21th (Clash Rabbit), 26th (Clash Monkey), 31st (Clash Ox)
August: 8th (Clash Rooster), 9th (Clash Dog), 20th (Clash Rooster), 21st (Clash Dog), 22nd (Clash Pig), 23rd (Clash Rat)
September: 1st (Clash Rooster), 2nd (Clash Dog), 3rd (Clash Pig), 4th (Clash Rat), 8th (Clash Dragon), 9th (Clash Snake), 15th (Clash Pig), 21st (Clash Snake), 23rd (Clash Sheep), 27th (Clash Pig)
October: 2nd (Clash Dragon), 3rd (Clash Snake), 5th (Clash Sheep), 10th (Clash Rat), 16th (Clash Horse), 22nd (Clash Rat), 26th (Clash Dragon), 27th (Clash Snake), 28th (Clash Horse), 31st (Clash Rooster)
November: 3rd (Clash Rat), 9th (Clash Horse), 11th (Clash Monkey), 18th (Clash Rabbit), 23rd (Clash Monkey), 24th (Clash Rooster)
December: 5th (Clash Monkey), 16th (Clash Sheep), 29th (Clash Monkey)
I brought a new home. I like to know which link should I use for a good date to open the door of the New house, that is, first time entering the house, thanks.
Hi Lawrence,

There is no list of good days for first time entering the house. I think you can choose an auspicious date for moving to the house to enter.

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