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Please tell me what should I do. Job or business or Study. If study then what. If business then what.

DOB: 22-July-1992 5:55AM
PLACE: Talcher,Odisha, India

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You'd better do a job. Based on your birth information, you are fit to those work related to microtechnique, art or literature. Also, as you lack wood element, you'd better choose fields related to wood such as in education, furniture, publishing, religious industries.
I am thinking about a business yo start. Should I do this? Why not?

And now I am working in as an engineer in an Oil company. What is my growth. Should I quit this job?
It's okay to be an engineer in an Oil company. It's a stable job for you but you couldn't make too much money from it. You can start a business by your own but you need to think carefully and make sure you have make good preparation for it. For business, you'd better choose those related with wood element.
Is it fine if I go for MBA? How much it will help me in future? Or I should go for wood related business.
Waiting for your reply? Please reply.
Hi Ellie,

You are still young, go for MBA could enable you have more knowledge about managing business, investing, HRM and marketing. If you could go for it first and them work or go business, you will get successful more easily and more earlier.

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