What is my fate this year? Will my luck improve for the better?


Have gone thru a stroke of bad luck since 2014. Lost my job and and my health has worsened with 2 fail kidneys. No income and have used up all my savings. Taken legal action against my last company for wrongful dismissal.

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Hi Jack,

In 2014, there were many inauspicious stars falling on your Rooster born in 1957, so your luck is not good.

2017 is year of the Rooster, you just meet your animal year. It's thought many bad things such as illness, financial loss, extramarital affair etc. may happen to the people in his zodiac year. In fact, it varies greatly from individual to individual. Some people may have good fortune instead of bad luck. Although people in zodiac year should wear red to avoid bad luck, it's not good for you to wear red as you are fire Rooster and 2017 is also fire rooster year. Red will make the fire burn more and more furiously.

Your lucky numbers are 6 and 7 in 2017. Lucky directions are West, Southeast and Northwest. Better sleep with your head pointing towards one of the directions and place your desk and sofa in one of these directions to enhance your fortune. South and North east should be avoided.

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