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Hello I'm a fire rabbit born on 25th sept 1987 and my husband is water pig 4th May 1983, I have read that 2017 will not be a good year for both of us.... Is this true? And if so what can we both do to improve our luck for 2017.... We are also thinking of trying for a baby in 2017.... Would it still be OK to do so?

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Yes, according to Chinese astrology, 2017 will not be a good year for the Rabbit and Pig people both. But don't lose heart. Everything could be changed to be better if you try your effort to be better.

2017 is a suitable year for you to get pregnant, but you are recommended to get pregnant during the second half of the year. In this way, you can give birth to a baby under the zodiac sign of Dog which will be compatible with your zodiac sign; You's better avoid having a baby born in the Rooster year because you are not compatible with each other.
Is there anything my husband and I can do to improve our luck for 2017? What r the things we can do or wear etc

Don't worry to much. Although 2017 is not good for the Pig people, it's not too bad for the Pig people born in 1983. Your husband is suggest to wear clothes or use things with colors of Blue, White and Black more. Avoid Yellow and Beige.
I am a Fire rooster born on 27 August 1957
Is 2017 a bad year for me.
Is my work going to be bad or finances bad ?

We are thinking of buying a bigger apartment in 2017
Will it come true ?
Hi Ong,

2017 is year of the Rooster. You will meet the year with the same zodiac sign with your's. In Chinese culture, people in his zodiac year will enjoy a fluctuate fortune. It will turn to be the best or to the worst. For you Rooster born in 1957, the problem in your work will be personal relationship which require you pay much attention to. The fiancial will be very good for you. You are expected to earn much in the year.

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