What is my childs sighn in Chinese astrology?


Why does some of the websites say that that my child's birth-date is in the year of the golden dragon? Feb 4th 2000 is his Birthday.

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Hi Brooke,

Your child's birthday date is very special.

In China, there are two ways to separate 12 Chinese zodiac animals. One is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar which is regarded as a more traditional way. Your child's birth date on Chinese lunar calendar is December 29,1999, for people born in 1999 in Chinese lunar year, they belong to the Rabbit sign. So, your child's zodiac sign is Earth Rabbit.

The other way to divide is calculated on solar calendar. In China, one year can be divided into 24 solar terms. Start of Spring comes first in a year, which usually falls on February 4. Passing that day, a new animal year starts.In 2000, the Start of Spring happened at 20:32 Dec. 29th, 1999. So, your child was born before that time, his/her sign is Rabbit. If after, he/she is under the Dragon sign.

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