Were Planning of moving in to our new house this january or february 2017


I was born on september 10, 1980, my husband is october 1, 1974..our 1st child is oct. 5, 2005, 2nd child february 4, 2007, the 3rd child were twin sept. 14, 2008, and youngest january 24, 2010..

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Your Sign: Monkey
Husband: Tiger
the 1st child: Rooster
the 2nd child: Dog
the 3rd child: Rat
the youngest: Ox

Auspicious date for moving into new house in January and February 2017 include:
January: 6th (Clash Pig), 7th (Clash Rat), 9th (Clash Tiger), 15th (Clash Monkey), 18th (Clash Pig), 27th (Clash Monkey) , 31st (Clash Rat)
February: 13th (Clash Ox), 15th (Clash Rabbit), 17th (Clash Snake), 21st (Clash Rooster), 24th (Clash Rat)

You can choose any of the date above that doesn't clash your sign.
I'm planning to moVing our new house this January 2, 2017

I am August 16, 1975
My elder daughter
September 4, 1995
My second daughter
January 25, 1997
HI Maria Raquel Tero Tan,

January 2, 2017 is ok but it's not an auspicious date especially for moving. If you want an luckky date, you'd better choose January 9.

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