Moving to new house


Hi we plan on moving to new house and need best dates to transfer

Husband: jan 21, 1980
Wife: july 2, 1981
Daughter: september 23, 2006
Baby due: april 27, 2017 ( can still choose)

By moving does it mean first day to sleep/live there or actual house blessing?

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Hi Jramos,

In which month do you plan to move to the new house?

Moving means you should sleep there on the day.
We plan to move by feb or march.
Husband: Sheep
Wife: Rooster
Daughter: Dog
Baby due: Rooster

You can choose any of the auspicious moving dates that doesn't clash with your sign:

February: 13th (Clash Ox), 15th (Clash Rabbit), 17th (Clash Snake), 21st (Clash Rooster), 24th (Clash Rat)

March: 1st (Clash Snake), 9th (Clash Ox), 10th (Clash Tiger), 15th (Clash Sheep), 21st (Clash Ox), 22nd (Clash Tiger), 25th (Clash Snake), 27th (Clash Sheep)

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