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What's the best date for my wedding ?
My DOB: 18:02/1987
Partner DOB: 21/2/1986
We are roughly thinking for around Jan/feb/march 2018 !
Thanks in advance ! Much appreciated

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Hi Entucker,

Following are auspicious wedding dates in Jan, Feb and March 2018 for you to choose:

January: 1st (Clash Pig), 10th (Clash Monkey), 11th (Clash Rooster), 13th Sat. (Clash Pig), 18th (Clash Dragon), 24th (Clash Rooster), 26th (Clash Rat)

February: 4th Sun. (Clash Rooster), 7th (Clash Rat), 8th (Clash Ox), 13th (Clash Horse), 19th (Clash Rat), 20th (Clash Ox), 25th Sun. (Clash Horse), 28th (Clash Rooster)

March: 4th Sun. (Clash Ox), 10th Sat. (Clash Sheep), 15th (Clash Rat), 16th (Clash Ox), 19th (Clash Dragon), 21st (Clash Horse), 24th Sat. (Clash Rooster), 27th (Clash Rat), 28th (Clash Ox)

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