I was born in 1982 which is a water dog, according to your website. I am currently dating with a guy who was born in 1980, a metal Monkey. Could you let me know our love match?

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Off of Metal runs the Water, so, you are compatible in terms of birth element. As for your zodiac signs, you are of fairly match. You usually admire and understand each other. Love and marriage will make you much maturer. The male monkey loves the cordial and secure feeling of fighting with his love shoulder by shoulder. The female dog admires her lover's wisdom and feels proud of his achievements. However, the male monkey often ignores constant comforts to his love, which makes the female dog depressed.
I married a metal monkey born in 1980. He is responsible in work and for family. He works hard to make more money in order us to live a good life. In my eyes, he is a good very husband and father. The only disadvantage for him is he don't know how to be romantic.

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