want to free from mentally abusive marriage.


Hello, I found out that my husband took another woman to holiday while I went back to my country with my daughter which he did not want to come with us. He threatened me with money if I divorce him such as he will fight me to the end and make sure that I won't get a penny and give everything to the lawyers. I did not leave him because of my daughter's exam and future. He was not very nice to me before but now, he treats me worst and more aggressive and abusive. My little girl is very protective of me and we are very close. He is also very jealous of the relationship between us and he is not very nice to her even though she is his youngest daughter. He has two totally grown up daughters (36 years and 35 years old) with the previous marriage and the grandchildren who are older than our daughter. I can not take his daily abusive and I want to be free from him. I am waiting for two more years maximum till my daughter and I will be in a stronger position. I don't myself that I can live that long as he is impossible to live with and I am physically, emotionally very down. I am also scare of him when the time comes and if I leave him, he would be very nasty and dangerous to me. Can you please advise me when I can be free from him without a nasty consequences for my daughter and me.

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Sorry, I forgot to give D.O.B for want to be free from mentally abusive marriage.
his D.O.B 26/10/1951
Mine D.O.B 04/11/1970
Hi Nina,

I sympathize with you too much. Thus he has another woman outside, I'm curious why he doesn't agree to divorce with you. In China, if your don't have love and seperate two years or one cohabiting without benefit of clergy, the court would agree you to divorce.

I'm not sure the law of your country. You should seek more help from your friends and take legal advice from the lawyer.
Thank you Marry. If I want to divorce him, I will be able to according to the law. I am waiting for the right time for me and my little girl to be stronger in the position which will take about 2 years. Meanwhile, he is impossible to live with. I don't think he is with the other woman either. One thing is for sure, he will be very aggressive and nasty when I divorce him. I have to prepare for the consequences if the time comes.

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