Using Feng Shui, is it possible to cure a mirror facing a mirror in my bedroom?


I have a large antique armoire with a mirrored front in my bedroom. I just noticed that it reflects the oval gilt mirror across the room. Is this too much "mirroring"?
Neither mirror reflects my bed, thankfully. ( I'm single tho.... so often am curious as to what might happen if I tilted one of them to reflect the bed...??)
What should I do?
My bedroom is in the southeast corner of my house. From the front door/ entrance, it is far right & away(relationship area).

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Hi Christie,

You should avoid too much mirrors in bedroom. It will affect your health, love relationship and many other aspects. Better move the oval gilt mirror to other places. If the mirror of the armoire doesn't reflect your bed, that's no big problem. But you may see yourself during the night when you get up to do something. This may affect your sleep as well. If you could change it, that's better. If you couldn't, cover it with something.

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